Thursday, October 29, 2009

Exciting News

Just a few weeks ago, Jeremy and I were asked to be the Shoals Area Ambassador Family for the 2010 March of Dimes March for Babies. This is a charity close to our hearts and we were so honored to be asked to help with their big fundraiser!!

Jeremy is doing his part to garner support from area businesses and institutions. He is so good at talking to people and telling our story so I'm thankful that God has placed this opportunity in our life!

It's a far-fetched wish but I hope that the MOD can continue to develop research and cures for birth defects like Lizzy Ann's. No parent should ever hear the news we heard on December 30, 2008 and the MOD is continuing to make developments in the treatment of birth defects while babies are in-utero so that can be changed for all families.

We are in the very beginning stages of this great event but we would like to ask for your prayers and support as we do what we feel is God's will for us as Lizzy Ann's parents. Every phone call we make or personal email we send in an effort to raise money for the MOD will be in honor of our precious girl. Her life on earth was brief but her legacy will be one that leads to starting healthy lives for thousands of other babies born in our area.

Other news....

Work. Work. Work. and a little more Work. This time of year is always busy for a band director and Jeremy stays busy with his classes, committee work, consultant status and research. We are very thankful to have great jobs in this economy so we will NOT complain about working!! I was asked to teach a few lessons again at UNA (bassoon) so I'm excited about that starting up next week. After Christmas 2008, I really didn't play my bassoon at all until a few weeks ago. That's the absolute longest I've ever put it down but I needed that time to just not think about music. Happy to get back to playing and performing.

We are taking a break in November to go to Alaska. Our friends, the Lynch's, moved there in July and we wanted to go visit them and see the beautiful Alaskan scenery. I am slightly concerned about the weather while we will be there because I'm pretty cold-natured and I may turn into a popsicle while I'm there!! I've researched heated underwear but it would be my luck to get a short it my shorts while out skiing or something. I did purchase a few hats, gloves and earmuffs at TJMaxx yesterday so maybe I'll be warm-enough!

One more soapbox.... :)

For a long time now, I've been conscious about removing a word from my vocabulary that is now common vernacular for silly, stupid, dumb, funny, etc... and it's the r-word (i.e. "retard" or "retarded"). I've listened to students say if for too long and over the past few years I've outlawed it in my presence. Today, I had a student bust out with the r-word in the middle of a class and I was SHOCKED at the number of kids that just didn't care that it was an inappropriate term. So now, I'm on the warpath to ELIMINATE this word from the vocabulary of the students at my school. I pledged my support to "Spreading the Word to End the Word" at and I would ask you to do the same.

I want to encourage EVERYONE to stop using the r-word and replace it with intellectual disability if you are referring to a person and if you are using the r-word as a demeaning, deragatory or mis-guided joke then STOP using it.

Stepping down off soap box......

Thank you for continuing to read. Love you all.


  1. Johnna - What an honor! I can't think of a better family to represent the MOD. Ironically, the March for Babies was a real healing event for me. I am now on the Board of Directors for the Huntsville area :)

    Keep walking - the rainbow DOES come after the rain!

  2. Johnna, please let us know how we can support you-- with prayers and with money! Is there a site to make donations?

  3. What a terrific honor for you and your husband. I'm very happy for you. It's been a while since I visited your blog and I just wanted to stop in and see how you are doing. I'm so glad that you are doing something about the r-word. That is one word that I really hate to hear people use. God bless you and your efforts there and with the March for Babies!! Hope you have a great trip to Alaska!!
    Tobitha Bousman
    Florence, AL