Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hard Work Pays Off

This year Jeremy and I were honored to serve as our area's March of Dimes Ambassador Family. We worked hard with our area director to not only raise funds for Team Lizzy Ann but to raise awareness about the walk and help other teams get going.

Got a call a few days ago and we are UNOFFICIALLY the highest raising family team in Alabama!! Team Lizzy Ann!! Of course this is unofficial and could change if another area has a ringer team in the curtains but even if we don't get this huge honor then we are so proud of our supporters!

I'm not sure what our final total came to but it was right around $8950 (maybe slightly more or less).

Each of you helped us honor the life of Elizabeth Ann Stafford and show your support for healthy babies everywhere. We are honored that you chose to give to us and our team this year.

I am still kind of struggling with where the blog is headed but please check back every so often and I'll try to be more timely in posting. :) Love you all.

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  1. Go Team Lizzie Ann!! I'll never forget the first year Team Faith was top in our region - much less top in the state!! In a very small way, it helps add more positive vibes and purposes to what Satan tries to turn into a life-stopping negative. There's no telling how many people Team Lizzie Ann will help - that's something to smile about!