Monday, January 26, 2009


Tomorrow, we have our first appointment with our new OB, Dr. Larry Stutts (HKH). He came highly recommended from different people and groups such as Shoals Save-A-Life. We are praying he is the right doctor for us!!

For many days, I did not "feel" pregnant after getting the diagnosis. I just shut down a little and thought that forgetting about the baby would make things easier. Of course, that was short lived (thank you God) because I finally began to feel the baby move (about a week and half ago). I was wondering if I would ever feel the baby or if it was just too cramped for the baby to move much. Well, Baby is movin'!! Lots. So much so that Jeremy could feel the baby dancing Saturday night for the first time!!

If you know me well, I'm a night person. I would prefer to teach at a school that doesn't begin until about 1pm (let me know if ever hear of one of those)! Well, this baby has it's mom's traits because the movin' begins around late afternoon and continues into wee hours. It's things like this that let's me know God wants me to find happiness in my sorrow. Our sad days are not over but our moments of joy are not stripped from us during this time either.

If you've never listened to or heard of Casting Crowns, go to Wal-Mart and buy their CD, Lifesong. Not only are they incredible but their song "Praise you in this storm" is exactly what I'm trying to do each day. Not very successful some days but... I'm trying!

Much Love

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  1. Hey,Johnna& Jeremy! I love ya very much! I consider you part of my family!Family is the best kind of friends! Please, consider yourself in a forever hug from "B".
    Love & Prayer,
    Belinda Nave