Friday, January 30, 2009

Smith Family

Please keep my friend and co-worker's husband in your prayers. Rene is a teacher at my school and I've had both of her children in band. Her husband, John is diabetic and was in a car accident earlier this week (low blood sugar disorientation). Currently, John is at Huntsville Hospital battling internal bleeding and a low-grade fever (possible sign of infection). He is on a ventilator and other support systems to help him get rest over the next few days. This family is near to my heart and needs many prayers right now. The drive to Huntsville is over an hour from our area and they are making this trip daily so pray for traveling grace for Rene and the girls as well.

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  1. Johnna, our family is praying for you & Jeremy as you walk this path God has you on. I work with a lady who is in your father's Sunday School class (Angel Duke) and she has passed along your blog to us so we can lift you up to God's throne of grace. You have a lot of people out there in the Body of Christ who are loving you and praying you through this journey.