Thursday, January 29, 2009

Random things....

After our appointment on Tuesday, we met a couple for dinner at Logan's, Ken & Aimee. They got in touch with us via email because they have recently been through the loss of their young infant, Kent. We had the best time with them despite the fact that our sad circumstances are what brought us together. They are really a super sweet couple that have leaned on God during what must have been a very difficult time and come out on the other side! Baby always wants the Buffalo Chicken Tenders..... weird. :)

We also found out last night that Jeremy's older brother, Charles (aka -Chuck-a-muck), is coming down tomorrow to visit until Monday. Charles and his wife Melissa live just north of Charlotte, NC and have two awesome kids, Dianna (12) and Alex (1.75). They came down and celebrated Thanksgiving with us in November and now we are going to get to see Charles again!! That's unprecedented for the Stafford's to see each this often!! Charles and Jeremy have a great relationship (if you don't count their arguments about politics or 80's music) and even chose to live together for a few years out in Arizona. We are really happy he is planning to come and visit us this weekend!!

I just feel moved to post a photo of our Dewey-man today. He's the kind of pup that you would like to have at work with you each day. He'll be 8 in August and he has been so sweet over the past few weeks. If he could fold laundry or wash dishes for us, he would!! Dewey's Harem from left to right: Bianca (18 year-old beauty queen), Jack (yes she's a girl. The tail-less wonder), Dot-Dot (3 year-old angel cat), Dewey (pride and joy).


  1. Hello! I do not know you or the couple that you had dinner with the other night but I do remember praying for baby Kent. A friend had emailed me about them and it is the same friend that emailed me about you. Please know that I am praying for you and your dear little one on the way. God bless you!
    Florence, AL

  2. Having just found your blog and learning of your story, I will be praying for you and checking on you often. May God's love surround you and our prayers lift you up.
    Jessica Breland