Thursday, February 19, 2009

Brag Session

School started back on Wednesday, January 7th and we received the official MFMC diagnosis on Friday, January 2nd. Yep, only 5 days for me to get "okay" enough to return to school. My counselor (and good friend) came down the first day back and talked with my classes about what was going on with me and the baby and STRONGLY encouraged them to be helpful and on their best behavior at all times this semester. Of course, being a music teacher, I've had many of my students for 3 years now and we know each other well. They were so excited for Jeremy and I when we found out that we were expecting and they have been very interested in all things baby ever since.

Most teachers can attest to this statement.... If you are sick or in a bad mood or just generally not yourself, you have about 2 days of student compliance before all heck breaks loose and you kinda loose your mind. BUT, my students have been TREMENDOUSLY kind and understanding this semester (and we're going on 2 months now). They have sweetly and regularly asked about the baby (kids are not scared to ask anything and these kiddos are especially interested in boy or girl) and wisely avoided me on bad days.

My band students attended District Assessment last week and not only had near perfect behavior the whole day but they performed well under the pressure. I feel like I've let them down because I haven't been myself and most certainly haven't been the teacher I normally am.... There were days (especially the first few weeks) that it was all I could do to get dressed and make it into the building, let alone actually constructively teach. On those days, I gave them an individual or group practicing assignment and tried not to burst into tears while attempting to busy myself with paperwork. They are remarkable students to have accomplished the goal of participating in District Assessment DESPITE their lackluster teacher this semester. I am very proud.

Now my band kids are busy practicing for a local honor band audition (Tuesday) and I hope that many of them will be prepared enough to make the ensembles. They are really busting their tails on scales, etudes and sight reading and I hope it's enough for a few of them to see positive results from their efforts. Good kids.

Meanwhile, my chorus students are hanging in there with me (I'm generally exhausted by the end of the day) and learning 3 contest style pieces for their spring trip (April). Again, great kids that have been patient and sensitive (most days) to what's going on with me.

Thank you to my wonderful students and your patience with me this semester!! You are the BEST!!


  1. I'm still thinking of y'all EVERY DAY and sending lots of prayers. Let me know if there's anything you need.

    Paige S.

  2. Awww! I had the BEST time in chorus in high school, and my husband played french horn in the band. So glad your class has been doing so well, and don't beat yourself up - you've been dealing with a lot and I'm glad they've been patient and sweet to you.