Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's a........!

Yesterday afternoon, we had another OB appointment with Dr. Stutts. This was the visit where I had to drink the glucose solution in advance and they drew blood to test for gestational diabetes. Still waiting to hear about those results but hopefully they will be normal....

Otherwise the visit went well and we got to see Baby for a while on the ultrasound screen. He was moving and grooving during the whole procedure and was in a good position for a "crotch shot" but there just wasn't enough contrast for our technician to see any sex determining items. The baby has grown since the last visit but is still a little behind gestationally (as can be expected). We saw a flailing hand at one point, legs (no feet visible due to positioning), heart beat (136) and other baby parts.

We also made plans for a Birmingham delivery. Of course, we have a plan to deliver close to home as well should things progress and require us to deliver here.

As of today, I am 23 weeks and 4 days so we are praying to make it another 14-16 weeks before Baby decides to make his entrance. Our doctor also warned us that we are at a higher risk of a fetal cord accident due to the lack of fluid. Most people think that cord accidents are when the cord becomes tangled around the baby's neck but it can cause death even if wrapped around a leg or arm. Please pray that the baby's cord stays far from his limbs and torso for the remainder of the pregnancy.

Just so you understand the difficulty we are having in actually "seeing" the baby during an ultrasound, I've posted a pic from yesterday. Can you find the baby in this picture?? Every part of the grayish-white background should be BLACK and the baby should be a light gray/white.

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  1. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. Do not give up hope. Sometimes things are not always what they seem and I think we all know that doctors have not authority over the choices God makes. That being said, your positive attitude should inspire many and the baby you are carrying has already touched as many hearts as a child that has already been born. Good Luck and continue to blog, as it can be theraputic and a powerful story to follow. Thank you for the strength you have to share your story with others.