Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Good days

So much to blog about....

Friday night- We had a great time with our Pathfinders SS class at Julie & Scott's house. Great gumbo, delicious desserts and a hilarious Newlyweds game. Jeremy and I have a slight advantage over a few of the couples in our class. We've been together for 8 years and married for almost 6 and you get to know a person without realizing it over that many years!! We also realized that we have a very nontraditional marriage compared to most!! He's the one that cooks & usually cleans and I'm the one that rolls in at 6pm and asks "So, what's for dinner?"

Saturday- Jeremy and I just vegged at the house for most of the day. It was nice not having any plans and no where to be at a certain time.

Sunday- Jeremy got a call around 9am from our friends, the Cuttshaw's. Dianne had collapsed at home and Charlie was worried. Jeremy rushed over to help but they had already left for the hospital. Jeremy stayed with them until it was clear that the ER was not going to be of any help (they stayed for over an hour and NOBODY was called back to see a doctor during that time). Dianne was feeling better and felt like she would be better off at home. Meanwhile, I went on to church and then picked-up Jeremy at home for a lunch at La-Ha.

Monday- Weird day. I didn't have to be at work until 11am because it was Parent/Teacher Conferences from 11-6pm. Very odd to get up and then not have to go to work immediately.
I ended up eating dinner with Sara and Ashley after work and caught up on what's going on the main building. I'm always clueless because I'm out here by myself in the great band abyss.

Tuesday- Normal school day. After school, 18 of my students auditioned for a local honor band. Last year, I was thrilled to have 6 of my students accepted... This year we had 12 band students accepted to the honor band!!! WOW!!! They all worked hard (even those that didn't make it this year) and I know that each year our school will be well-represented by these talented students!!

Today- We have church dinner at 5:30pm and Ash Wednesday service at 6:30pm. Honestly, we do not regularly attend Wednesday night services. I know... very bad. But Jeremy has ALWAYS had a Wednesday night class until this semester and I've just always been in the habit of using Wednesdays as my errand/shopping day since we weren't home together. Maybe we can break our bad habit and be more involved in Wednesday night activities!!

FRIDAY!!- I love Friday's anyway but this week we are going to see the GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH in Huntsville (the circus for those of you who didn't get it). I love the circus and have been with Jeremy one other time back when we were dating. My sister, Jessica, has always been our personal family clown but when she was about 6 she called in to a radio show (we were buddies with the DJ) and won a ton of circus tickets and a chance to be in the circus! How cool!! She had a choice between riding the elephant or being a clown... Not a hard choice for "never-met-a-stranger" Jessica. She was wearing a little girl's sailor suit that night so they made her Popeye the Clown's baby!! It was so funny! Ever since that fun night, I've always had such great memories of our family fun together and the circus is definitely a big part of that! I'm also looking forward to a much anticipated dinner at Surin Madison (Thai)!!

On a baby note... THIS CHILD HAS A SCHEDULE AND STICKS TO IT!! I wish I were so dedicated! I feel small movements all day but if you want to see the big show you'll have to be up around 10:30-11pm. I'm convinced that on an ultrasound we'll find the boom-box and breakdancing cardboard box that the baby uses at night! :) Lots of fun getting to feel Baby movin' and groovin' each night.

Love you all,

ps. Jeremy's birthday is Sunday, March 8th!! The big 3-6!! "And no grays" (that would be what Jeremy would add to that) :)

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