Monday, April 20, 2009

Please pray

Please keep us in your prayers this week especially. I'm having some rough days and do not feel like blogging right now. Also, I'm attending my school's spring music trip this weekend and need prayers for strength and patience with my students.

We are 32 weeks and counting. Pray for our precious baby, Elizabeth Ann.



  1. I pray that you will feel better during these difficult weeks to come.
    Jen and Joe Stillwell

  2. Prayers sent...hang in there. I know the feeling.

  3. Johnna and Jeremy,
    Looooong time, no talk to. Obviously Jen's kept me informed and up to speed. Truly happy to see you guys are keeping a positive spin on things.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you all daily and I wish we could be there, if for nothing else, to catch a little hang time and offer friendship in person. Johnna, I know you'll need a super long fuse to get through everything this weekend... so be happy you have that capacity. We miss you guys. Don't know when we'll collectively make a trip back to Bama, but hopefully some day in the not too distant future we'll get a chance to get together with you. Need to get ready to teach, so I'l sign off, but know we love you and miss seeing you.

    Mike, Jen and Anna

  4. Are you by any chance going to Atlanta for a competition for middle school choirs? I'm going to be there...just wondering~
    Angel Duke

  5. My sister Suzan works with your mom. Your family is in our prayers. You have a wondeful family.

  6. Loving you and praying for you and Jeremy.