Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Weekend update

We had a great appointment on Friday with Dr. Head. He was informative and caring and exactly what we had hoped for in a delivery doctor. Plus, he's a band dad!! :) How funny.
We also got to see the labor/delivery suites and they are very nice so we feel a bit more settled about delivery in Birmingham now.

We had a great Easter Sunday with family and saw TONS of FBCP folks as well. Usually, we go to the 10:45 service with Mom but we went to the 9:15 with Dad instead and we saw so many more people than usual!! I guess all my old friends are early birds! :) Thank you FBCP for your hugs, love and prayers over the past 15 weeks. We love you all so much!!

This will be a brief post because I'M HEADED TO THE BEACH!! Woohoo! We are heading out this afternoon and I've got some running to do before then so..... Pray for my Z-pack to kick in today and keep working this week. I've had a little congestion that's moved into my chest and have developed a rattling cough over the past few days. I'm sure it's just the affects of seasonal allergies but I'd rather not be sick!!


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  1. I finally got back into blogger YEA! Hope your trip is wonderful, I will be sending that your way this week. Lots of prayers and love Jessica
    Oh Saturday's post on my blog you get an award, you might want to check it out!