Thursday, March 5, 2009


Another Non-posted post.... This is the post I did after the Circus but haven't really felt up to posting it until today. I'm a proof-reader and usually take a day or so to re-read what I've written..... I learned from the master of proofing. Thanks Dad!

Jeremy loves Thai food (I'm learning) so I scouted a new Thai resturant in the 5points area of Huntsville called Thai Garden. I've heard that it was really the most authentic and non-yuppy version in the Huntsville area. IT WAS!! We had a combination appetizer of wonton, spring roll and shrimp which was great. I had my Thai favorite, Pad Thai with chicken and Jeremy had some curry dish that was rated with 3 stars (***) which translates to "We'll cleanse your colon from the inside out" in Thai. No, I did not try any of it.
After much ado with parking, we made it in to the circus and found our seats. I was already hungry again.... But waited until just before intermission for a pretzel and dippin-dots ice cream. During intermission, I ran into my buddy, Jill and her son Jeremiah. I met Jill in 1994 when I played on her sister's (Ginger) bassoon recital at the School of Fine Arts in Birmingham. Little did the three of us know that our paths would cross again (many times over actually) and that we would become lifelong friends. Their family is like my extra family in Mobile and I've probably spent a month or more in and out of their house over the years (heading to and from the beach, the Antique Roadshow, weddings, babies, etc...). Jill and her husband live about 30 minutes from Jeremy and I and we attempt to see each other when possible!! We are all just too busy sometimes!!
Jeremy got an early birthday present (new digital camera) and was excited to use it when taking these pictures! We've been without a digital camera for almost 8 months now because I had ours at school last year (May) and it was stolen by someone. I've begged and begged all year and refused to buy another one believing that someone would turn it in but no luck. It is very disappointing to have someone you probably know well steal something you would give them if they really needed it.....
Dr. appointment on Tuesday (10th). We're still hoping that we'll find out boy or girl. I've started a few projects that would be so much easier with blue or pink (instead of yellow and green) so keep your fingers crossed and PRAY for a great ultrasound!!


  1. Great pictures!! We will be praying for the ultrasound, for you and Jeremy! Be blessed. Let us know should you need anything!!!

  2. I LOVE Thai Garden! I used to live up the mountain from 5 Points and stopped in there at least once a week. So glad you discovered it! PS - is the Poboy Factory still open on Andrew Jackson Way? - it was SOOOO good!