Thursday, March 26, 2009


I'm heading out the door for good Mexican so this will be brief....

Good Dr. appt today. Still no fluid but the baby's growth is almost right on target.
2.32lbs and gestationally 28w1d whereas I'm 28w5d. Only a difference of 4 days which is normal to fluctuate up and down. Heart rate was 125 and that is okay but it's the lowest it's ever been at a check-up so a little worrysome. The baby kicked so hard once that even Melinda felt it through her US wand. Funny.

Again, they are saying GIRL so we cried a little in the waiting room and Jeremy is upset because he really did want a girl. Having one just makes this a little more painful right now. So happy-sad but I guess we are going to use the pronoun SHE and the name Elizabeth Ann for now. What's worse calling a He, She or vice versa???

Dr. Stutts is still great. He's just a sweet man with a kind demeanor. We love him for loving us and taking good care of us and Elizabeth (weird to type that). Pray for him as he continues to help us through this journey because I'm sure that this isn't the first time he's had a family in distress. It must be an emotional rollercoaster for a doctor when they know what the most likely outcome will be but try to remain positive and give the best treatment possible.

Cheese dip calls. Hey, I'm pregnant what do you expect.



  1. Bless you and the cheese dip! Wonderful the appointment went well, and we are wrapping you in prayer!

  2. Are you allowed to eat cheese dip...I think it is not pasturized? If Elizabeth has pink hair I am goning to tell her it was because her Mommy ate cheese dip at a Mexican restaurant!

    Only kidding, eat whatever your heart desires!! Love you!!