Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Video Woes

Yes, I know.... There is no video for you to see!! So SORRY!! I can only upload a certain size and I'm just new to the video thing so I haven't figured out how to edit yet. Working on it, I promise!

We went to Pelham this weekend to celebrate Jeremy's birthday and had fun with the fam. Did a little shopping on Saturday and then ate at Ali Baba's in Hoover (Jeremy's pick)... It was great, as usual! Jeremy has forced me to be an adventurous eater and I've gotten over many of my food phobias due to his "eat it or else" attitude! Next time, Taj India in the downtown area.... :)

This week, my parents are on their spring break and have graciously offered to help me with my pitiful front yard. I've not been in the mood to do much outside this fall/winter so it's well past time for a clean-up/sprucing up. We are looking forward to their visit and I'm sure the cats are excited about extra petters in the house. Mom says "A visit to Johnna's is never dull. Something is always moving!" So true. Dewey stayed in Pelham this week to enjoy a little Granpa and Jo-Jo time so I'm sure that he'll be depressed when he comes home to his gluten-free food and harem of cats.

We finally broke down a got internet at home.... In a way, I'm glad but otherwise I could have continued to go without it. Jeremy is being removed from his office for almost a whole year due to major renovations so he really needed to be able to work from home. Many of his classes each semester are online (3 out of 4) so having access is a necessity right now for him. BUT we did get a DVR and wow! In the words of Ginger... "It will change your life." :)

Please remember that the March of Dimes - Walk for Babies is coming up soon. Any contribution to the team would be greatly appreciated!! No gift is too small!!!


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