Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Missing Dewey

I just felt the need to post some Dewey pics & videos. I miss him at work everyday!! People probably think I'm nuts but that pup has more personality in one toenail than most humans have in their whole bodies. He instinctively knows when I need him to be close and he knows when I'm okay enough for him to leave the room to snack or chase cats. The video below is from a few years ago when Dewey made his "stage debut" as the "$5 dog" in the school play, Cheaper by the Dozen. It was just funny that they actually listed him in the program as "Dewey Stafford."

I also had to post a photo of Mom and Dad's cat, Beau-Beau. Beau started off as my cat in college but has become a permanent fixture in my parents home and he now thinks of me as that girl that brings the nosey dog. Beau weighs approximately 32 lbs. Yes, you read that correctly. 32 POUNDS. And he's a beautiful color too...Peach and white. He has so much fur that he goes to the groomer's about 4 times a year for a bath and a shave. Beau feels like peach fuzz after his grooming and LOVES to be scratched and adored after his grand ordeal.

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  1. Our pets bring so much joy to our lives! Hope you are well today, We are praying, thinking about you, and much love