Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Yesterday was a regular OB visit (26 weeks) and the ultrasound was the best we've had so far. As the baby grows, it is easier to see the body, legs, hands and especially face. Yesterday, there was a small amount of fluid (which is normal- I do have some fluid) near the baby's face which made for a better ultrasound quality!! We were able to watch and video portions of the ultrasound and got a great video of the baby moving his mouth and arms. I'm still saying "he" even though our ultrasound technician has said twice that she thinks it could be a girl. It's just not definite enough for me to call him "her" yet. We have another appointment in 2 weeks (3/24) and if it's still looking like it could be a girl then I'll start calling him "her."

Honestly, Jeremy and I DO NOT CARE about the sex of this precious baby but knowing boy or girl makes this harder in some respects. Yes, we could buy a few blue or pink items but putting a gender to the baby gives them their name (which we've already decided upon), which in turn makes this very real knowing that the chosen name will be the one on their birth and most likely death certificate. So as much as I thought I wanted to know.... I'm not sure that I really want a definite answer... Maybe just an inkling.

The appointment was good overall (other than me gaining a few lbs. - oy veh). Everything for me has been normal. My glucose test was good, my blood pressure has been normal, urine specimens have been normal, etc.. The only thing that I've had going on is puffy hands and feet. I've upped my water each day and tried to get off my feet as much as possible in the afternoons so it has improved. Sodium is playing a part in the swelling so I'm going to try to greatly cut down my sodium intake each day.

I will repost this tomorrow with a video of the ultrasound and a good picture of the baby. These may very well be the best pictures we get before baby's arrival so please enjoy them as much as we have. It is an amazing miracle to see a baby that has such a immense physical abnormality but is still very much alive. God's miracles aren't always the ones we pray for but often the ones we get each day that are easily overlooked. Our baby's life inside of me is truly a miracle from God and we are thankful for each day we have with him (or her).

Pray for our baby. Pray for us.



  1. We will be eagerly waiting to see them! Then if it is OK I will post one on the FB group! Please know our thoughts and love are with you!

  2. Johnna,
    What I admire so much about You and Jeremy is the way you are loving this baby in the time you have with him (or HER!!) So many people, most of the time unknowingly, take for granted the moments they have with their children. You have in a way been given a special gift that few others will ever understand. You have been given a 'timeline' with your baby, and it has allowed you the chance to take in and give as much love as possible while this child grows inside of you. The book of Isaiah is FULL of scripture that speaks to us of how ALL children ultimately belong to GOD! HE created everyone to fulfill His purpose, and He promises us that His plans are perfect. The sadness should come to those who unknowingly miss the joy God has in the "little" things of their children's lives. I praise God that even in the midst of your pain, you are able to paint a wonderful image of unconditional love for your baby.

    Melinda (u/s)

  3. You think the Thai food might have had a LITTLE something to do with the swelling! That would have been the death of me when I was pregnant. Glad you got a good report.

  4. Johnna,

    I'm a stranger in the vastness of cyberspace, but a friend referred me here. So, here I am, to offer my prayers to you and your husband and your little miracle.